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Fox Pacific Academy

Fox Pacific Academy is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit public benefit corporation dedicated to supporting underserved individuals in our community and healthcare providers by providing financial assistance for healthcare careers and health and wellness education that benefits the public good. We do this by recognizing the inherent value and abilities of all people regardless of who they are, where they come from, or how they identify.We are solely supported by generous donors who share the same vision of eliminating barriers to education and increasing the health and wellness of underserved individuals and overworked healthcare providers.
We provide sliding-scale scholarships to individuals who are seeking vocational training that will allow them to enter the healthcare field and create a sustainable career. Our applicants are people who would otherwise not be able to afford vocational educational training.
We also support healthcare providers from all areas of practice by increasing their health and wellness so that they can better serve their patients and the community.

Cheryl Fox RN


      Cheryl Fox, Registered Nurse and founder of Fox Pacific Academy was born and  raised in Santa Rosa, California.

      Fate brought Cheryl into nursing and it is faith that has kept her working for over 55 years. Cheryl has worked the majority of her nursing career in hospitals where she has been awarded for her service in nursing and patient care. Upon retirement after almost 35 years at the bedside with a dream she could help people stay in their homes safely, she stepped away from the hospital and started her home care business out of her car trunk in 2005 while simultaneously teaching vocational nursing at Santa Rosa Junior College.

      For Cheryl despite being a great teacher and expert in her craft; education was never a high priority coming from a working-class, single-income family.

Known for her innovative thinking during the pandemic Cheryl had the realization that others may have come from similar types of backgrounds and without opportunities would benefit from completing higher education. The need for healthcare providers could easily be met by those individuals who may not have the ability to obtain financial resources to pursue further education; from this idea, Cheryl developed the Fox Pacific Academy

      Through community funding, grant writing, and the will to succeed, Fox Pacific Academy flourishes within the Sonoma County community to enhance the lives of healthcare providers and those they serve. Fox Pacific Academy is dedicated to giving a hand-up to those that want to pursue a career in healthcare.

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